Releasing an Album – 5 Things Not to Do

When you and your band put out an album, it is obviously a moment of great celebration. In other words, it is not a situation that you want screwed up by anything such as stupid errors that could well have been avoided with just a little bit more thought and contemplation. Here are the five things to avoid when putting out your album.

1. Putting in an order for excessive CDs

If you order an excessive amount of CDs, that is going to hurt your pocketbook because you will have a bunch of them sitting around that you won’t be able to sell! The safe thing to do is to simply cap the number of CDs that you order at just one hundred. After all, this is plenty for an up-and-coming band.

2. Utilize good-quality Discs

When you put out your album, you should definitely only use discs of a good quality. Otherwise, you may as well save yourself the trouble of putting out an album! Good choices for great discs are blank CDs of high quality and also blank CD-R selections. If you pick great selections such as these, the number of people who will appreciate your music will grow steadily.

3. Do-it-yourself CD printing

The last thing you want to do is print your own CDs when you are due to put out your album! If you print your music discs on your own, the chances are pretty dangerously high that you will do a poor job on them! Thus, you should instead use a quality item such as the Disc Maker that is widely available.

4. Planning a CD release party prior to possessing your CD!

This is another no-no. The first rule that you have to keep in mind is that you should have physical possession of your CDs prior to actually thinking about holding a CD release party. If you don’t, it will backfire and make you look dumb.

5. Failure to order CDs on time

You must understand the length of time that it will require to order your CDs. If you must have your CDs by a specific time, then by all means, be certain that your ordering of them corresponds to when you need them!